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2008-12-13 08:43:24 by GWNSF

Okay. So I made both new Youtube and Newgrounds accounts, you can find them here: ox

Basically I wanted to create a new account with a new name and better videos.
The rest of the reasons are:
1. I recently got new software for creating videos.
2. I am going to get a video camera soon, so I can create clay videos outside of my room.
3. GWNSF seemed like a name I just didn't need anymore.

I hope you enjoy my new videos and keep in mind, I will not post any flash to this site, only Claymations.

More Ideas

2008-10-21 17:25:30 by GWNSF

First off, I want to ask of you all to give me your comments on these ideas.

I'm posting ideas of claymations I thought of and haven't made yet.

The Annoying Catch Phrase
A guy has a very annoying catch phrase that he just can't stop saying, so he eventually pays the price for it.

The Halloween Bully
Ever had someone steal your halloween candy on you?
Well this bully is looking to steal a little kid's candy too!

Re-creation of my profile

2008-09-28 15:09:22 by GWNSF

Since I got a new program and a camera, I'm going to make all new videos from now on.
Starting with Police Officer and War on the Desk.
I hope you all enjoy my new videos and I have created a tiny list of what my next videos MIGHT be:
A psycho is going crazy and killing everyone.

A kid gets grounded from his "non-existent" parents.

New Invention
A guy finds a skateboard and assumes he has found a new invention.